Fred Hawkins, Jr. Endorsements
It has been my honor, privilege and blessing to represent you.Your support, encouragement, idea and input are the driving force behind every decision I make as your commissioner on the Board of County Commissioners. Together we make Osceola County a better place to live, work, play and call home.
From the moment I met Fred several years ago I knew he was the man for our county.

Fred truly cares about his constituents and is sincerely concerned about our county and making it a better place to live for all.

I feel he puts first our best interest and has done so much this far. Fred works hard and gets thing done.

As a resident of St. Cloud I support Fred Hawkins, Jr. as my County Commissioner. Fred always listens to his constituents, he goes to many community meetings and listens to all our concerns. He is fiscally responsible and I believe he always does what is best for our district. When Fred was a member of the Rotary club of St. Cloud, I saw first hand his leadership and dignified way he conducts himself. Fred is a family man, Christian and someone I call friend.
Fred understands the value of a quality public education system and has always supported making our great Osceola schools even better. Commissioner Hawkins also appreciates the positive impact our local agriculture industry has on our economy and our environment and he has worked hard to preserve Osceola County's rich heritage.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Commissioner Hawkins for his service to our county! Commissioner Hawkins has been available whenever we have had a question, concern or suggestion about our community. His dependability and integrity have been evident in so many instances. For example, when we had a concern about difficult accessibility of our road, Commissioner Hawkins was instrumental in helping us fix the problem.

Commissioner Hawkin's assistance and interests are not just in the infrastructure of our community. He has a true heart for the individuals who work and play here. When our school social worker of 39 years retired, Commissioner Hawkins was eager to honor her at her retirement event. He spoke of her accomplishments and presented her with a proclamation for her exemplary service.

I do not think it can be emphasized enough that Commissioner Hawkins serves our community with competence, professionalism and compassion. His assistance and dedication is far-reaching. Politics can be a most challenging endeavor and he has consistently served with humility and grace.

Our community is blessed to have someone who is a real voice for the people. He is truly a man who performs his duties faithfully and with an ear and heart our county.
Antonia "Toni" Rapinesi
Antonia "Toni" Rapinesi School Social Worker
To whom it may concern, I have known Fred Hawkins Jr for approximately 8 years and have found him to be a very credible County Commissioner.

Fred has shown the remarkable ability and desire to learn about issues that the folks in his district are concerned about. Nobody can know everything, however, Fred goes out of his way to listen so he can understand the many diverse concerns of his constituents in the Osceola County District 5.

Fred has helped our community with major issues such as our lakes. He worked with the Family Boating Association to support a Lakes Management Plan and continues to address our largest natural resource in this county, our lakes. He also works with and has much support of our agricultural community and balances that well with progress and growth.

Fred has been very instrumental in utilizing our very own Heritage Park by bringing in more rodeo events as well as Run Away Country.

I am honored to support Fred Hawkins Jr for Osceola County Commissioner District 5 and hope to be supporting him at a state level position one day because the state could use good quality people such as him.
George Hastings
George Hastings
Here is my Fred Hawkins elevator talk / endorsement. Check his hat size before reading it! I have known Fred Hawkins for over 10 years. We have regularly met as close friends that are honest and accountable to each other in business and our personal lives. Fred has given me the permission to be direct and candid with him and I asked him to do the same for me. I have had the opportunity to see Fred's reaction and action in business and personal situations from victory to very challenging. I know him to always look for a way to be fair, do the right thing and be redemptive instead of retaliating. Fred is only human but truly seeks divine guidance in his business and personal life. I am proud to call him a friend.
Jim Bauknight
Jim Bauknight Osceola County
"Commissioner Hawkins, Congratulations! On behalf of the CFHLA Political Committee (CFHLA-PC) Board of Directors, enclosed please find a $1,000 contribution to your 2016 Osceola County Commission Re-Election Campaign!

CFHLA enthusiastically supports your re-election to this important position and is committed to encouraging CFHLA Membership to re-elect you as Osceola County Commissioner for District 5. Please keep the leadership of CFHLA-PC advised on the progress of your campaign as we are committed to remaining involved. On behalf of our membership, congratulations and thank you for your continued support of the Hospitality Industry."
Rich Richard J. Maladecki President/CEO, Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association
Rich Richard J. Maladecki President/CEO, Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association CFHLA
One of the first people Martha & I met when starting Harmony 16 years ago was Fred Hawkins . This was well before he entered the public arena . Our first impression about Fred at that time as it is today is his love for Osceola County . Since becoming a Commission he has done so much for our community and Osceola County we could spend the next few days writing about it . Let just highlight a few of his accomplishments . Fred lead the charge on getting Narcoossee road widen . To some this was a not very popular at the time as other areas in the County needed roads , however Fred saw the development of Medical City coming and knew that having that road widen would pay big dividends in Osceola future & today we are seeing the benefits seeded by his action many years ago . Fred along with his fellow Commissioners secured Osceola economic future by supporting and funding the new Research Sensor Facility . While the benefits of that facility will not be felt for many years we believe it is the biggest event to happen in our County since Disney announced its Central fl location . Again investing in the future of Osceola County and not his immediate reelection . Fred helped harmony in many ways over the years including seeing we got a fire station and now the new Sheriffs Training Facility as well as being a strong advocate in many areas for quality growth . As many of you know Fred stays in touch with the folks who elected him by having town meetings . In all the years he has been doing this we do not recall any negative feedback by any of harmony residents . In this day and age of politicians being in it for themselves and doing what’s good for them and not us . It is without reservation we can support Fred for re-election as over many years he has proven his love of Osceola County and willingness to do the right thing even if the benefits are not realized until after the next election cycle . Please vote to keep Fred as we need models of good government now more than ever .
Jim & Martha Lentz
Jim & Martha Lentz Harmony Florida
“As Commissioner Fred Hawkins, Jr., opposed wage mandates, championed low taxes and fees, cut onerous regulations to ensure that government services are more efficient, and encouraged transit-oriented development along SunRail,” continued Swygert. “Fred will continue to advocate for responsible, pro-growth policies while leading the charge to protect the taxpayer’s dollars and support privatization by reducing the size of government.”
Business Force
Business Force Central Florida
“Commissioner Fred Hawkins is a strong advocate for public safety. he knows it is the number one priority of government.
Commissioner Hawkins has worked with me on several issues and has always put the citizens of the county first.

It is my honor to endorse Commissioner Hawkins in his re-election."
Sheriff Bob Hansell
Sheriff Bob Hansell Osceola County Sheriff
“I endorse Fred Hawkins, Jr. because of his honesty and professionalism, along with his ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of Osceola County and the general public.”

Jimmy Poffenbaugh
Jimmy Poffenbaugh Community Leader
Osceola County Commissioner District 5: Much like Arrington, incumbent Fred Hawkins Jr. has vast knowledge of his district. He knows the challenges facing District 5 and we believe he has the solutions to help with the new growth occurring on the east side of Osceola County.
Osceola News Gazette
Osceola News Gazette Osceola County

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Fred currently serves as Osceola County's representative on the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Expressway Authority, Florida Association of Counties, GOPEP's (Greater Osceola Partnership for Economic Prosperity) Agricultural Advisory Committee, the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, St. Cloud Hospital's Advisory Board of Trustees, and the Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc., Board of Trustees.